Yetminster (St. Andrew)

Yetminster Church

St. Andrew's Church, Yetminster (2013)


Current church guide (available 2008):

St Andrew's Church Yetminster, by Jocelyn Berthoud and Nora Windridge. Yetminster Local History Society; no. 1 (1987).
Much more than a church guide, this is a 116 page booklet providing a well-researched history of the St. Andrew's Church, with appendices on organs, bells, and much else of interest.


6, 18-0-8 in E.

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Yetminster Church

Memorial to Bridget Minterne (17th century)

Yetminster Church

Horsey Memorial Brass (early 16th century)

Yetminster Church

St. Andrew, Yetminster

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