Winterbourne Farringdon (ruined church)

Ruined church, Winterbourne Farringdon

Ruined church, Winterbourne Farringdon [2011]. Traces of the deserted village are visible in the surrounding fields.

Visible from the road linking Whitcombe and Winterbourne Came with Winterbourne Herringston, the ruins of the east gable end of St German's Church are just visible amongst the earthworks of the deserted mediaeval village of Winterbourne Farringdon. Newman and Pevsner (p. 477) describe the village as "well preserved" and note that the ruins of the church are a rebuilding, making use of a C14th window and stones from a C15th archway.


Ruined church, Winterbourne Farringdon

Ruins of St German's Church, Winterbourne Farringdon [2011]

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