Tincleton (St. John)

Tincleton Church

Church of St John the Evangelist, Tincleton (2013).

The existing church at Tincleton dates from 1849 and was designed by Benjamin Ferrey in the style of the thirteenth century. It is built of limestone rubble with dressings of Ham Hill stone ashlar. The old church on a more southerly site was demolished when the new one was built but many of its fittings - including an interesting Norman font - were moved to the new church.



Tincleton church has two bells externally visible in a bell-cote. The lighter one is the same age as the church (1849) and was cast at the Whitechapel foundry. The other has a confusing inscription, possibly the initials of churchwardens, but H. B. Walters (1938, p. 113) is unable to assign it to any known founder. J.J. Raven (1903, p. 135) gives the following details:

Two Bells. Tenor - Diam., 24in; height, 20in.; note C.

  1. C & G Mears founders London 1849.
  2. B T I B D (? C) W

Tincleton Church

Tincleton Church from the west (2013).

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