Hanford (Former Church of St. Michael)

Hanford Church

Hanford School Chapel, formerly St. Michael's Church, Hanford, Dorset; east end just visible from the main road.

The small village of Hanford can be found on the north bank of the River Stour between the twin hill forts of Hambledon Hill and Hod Hill. Hanford House was built in 1604 by Sir Robert Seymer, whose family lived here for many centuries; the house is now Hanford School, a preparatory school for girls.The small Gothic chapel is also seventeenth-century (1650). A Country Life article of 1905 says that " the chapel is a picturesque building with a high gable, pleasant to look at, and within are several memorials of the Seymers." It is now the chapel of Hanford School and no longer a parish church.


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