Cranborne (SS. Mary and Bartholomew)

Cranborne Church

Church of SS. Mary and Bartholomew, Cranborne (November 2014)

A Benedictine monastery existed on this site in Saxon times. It was founded in the tenth century and was linked for many years with the abbey at Tewkesbury. At first, Tewkesbury was subordinate to Cranborne but the situation was reversed in the late 11th century. Both Tewkesbury Abbey and its dependent cell of Cranborne came to an end during the dissolution of the monasteries, being surrendered to the king on the 31 January 1540. Apart from the church, none of the monastic buildings survive.

There is a late Norman doorway in the north porch - this is the oldest part of the existing church. The remainder of the building - except for the nineteenth-century east end (by David Brandon, 1875) is also pre-Reformation. The tower is Perpendicular in style and built of stone and flint. The font is of Purbeck Marble and is thirteenth century. The pulpit is c. fifteenth century, and bears a monogram, T.P., which is supposed to stand for Thomas Parker, the Abbot of Tewkesbury and Cranborne from 1389-1421.



8, 17-0-21 in F.

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