Charlton Marshall (St. Mary)

Charlton Marshall Church

St. Mary's Church, Charlton Marshall, Dorset

The village of Charlton Marshall can be found a few miles south of Blandford Forum on the busy road to Poole that follows the valley of the River Stour (A350) . Until closure in September 1956, the village was also served by a halt on the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway (SDJR). The Church of St. Mary is on the east side of the A350 close to a long meander in the river; the churchyard leading eventually down to the shore of the river. The tower (excepting the pinnacles and pediments) and north aisle arcade are mostly mediaeval, but much of the rest was rebuilt in the early 18th century at the expense of Dr. Charles Sloper (whose memorial is inside). Newman and Pevsner say that, as architects, he most likely used the brothers William and John Bastard of Blandford, whose most well-known other work is the Church of SS. Peter and Paul at Blandford Forum. The interior is a very rare example of rural Georgian church architecture in Dorset, including a fine reredos that contains the texts of the Lord's Prayer, the Apostles' Creed and the Ten Commandments.



4, 8-3-9 in G# (unringable).

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