Bradford Peverell (St. Mary)

Bradford Peverell Church

St. Mary's Church, Bradford Peverell, Dorset

Church by Decimus Burton, 1849-51. Notable for its slender spire - ususual for a village church in Dorset - and for some 15th century stained glass. More recent church guides give the dedication as the Church of the Assumption.



Bradford Peverell Church

Bell by Thomas Purdue, 1674, St. Mary's Church, Bradford Peverell, Dorset

These were for many years a ring of five, but they have recently (2010) been augmented to a ring of eight:

8, 5-3-27 in A

Three new trebles and a replacement for the old fourth were cast by John Taylor & Co (Lougborough) in 2009. The old fourth (by Thomas Purdue, 1674) is to be retained as a service bell. The remainder of the original ring are by Mears & Stainbank of 1896. For photographs of the bells and the frame, see:

Bradford Peverell Church stained glass   /Bradford Peverell Church stained glass

Old stained glass, north window in the chancel of St. Mary's Church, Bradford Peverell, Dorset

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