Bourton (St. George)

Bourton Church

St. George's Church, Bourton, Dorset (July, 2015)


Current church guide:

Leaflet entitled: A warm welcome to the Parish of Upper Stour, Diocese of Salisbury.
There was no church guide on the two occasions that I have visited (January 2001, April 2009) but there was a small blue leaflet introducing the work of the church in the parishes of Bourton, Kilmington, Stourton and Zeals. Note that all of the other parishes within this team ministry are in Wiltshire. Nearby Penselwood is over the diocesan (and county) boundaries (Bath and Wells).


6, 12-1-6 in G.

The 4th was cast by James Wells (Aldbourne) in 1813, the remainder by Mears & Stainbank (London) in 1905.

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