Alton Pancras (St. Pancras)

Alton Pancras Church

St. Pancras, Alton Pancras


Current church guide (available 1998):

The Parish Church of Alton St. Pancras, Dorset. Piddletrenthide: Alton St. Pancras PCC, May 1981.
A 8 page A5 sized booklet comprising an illustrated guide to the church and churchyard. There is also a paragraph on St. Pancras of Rome. The acknowledgements state that some of the research was carried out by Frances Mallett and that the illustrations are by Joan Ralph.


There are four bells, restored by Taylors of Loughborough in 1980 so that they can be chimed. Some pieces of the old wooden frame are stored in the tower. Canon Raven (1904, p. 137) gives details of the bells as follows:

Four bells. Tenor - Diam., 41in.; height, 33in.

  1. Anno Domini 1596
  2. + Maria [in black letter]
  3. + AVE GRCIA (sic) PLENA [in Lombardic letters, c.f. RCHME (1970, p. 1)]
  4. NH. RI. C.W. T.P. An no do my ni 1664.

H.B. Walters (1938, p. 108) identifes the Treble as being by William Warre of Leigh, 1596. The Second and Third bells are medieval: the Second being late 15th century, probably from the Salisbury foundry (RCHME, 1970, p. 1); the Third probably 14th century. The Tenor is by Thomas Purdue of the Closworth foundry, 1664.

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