Affpuddle (St. Laurence)

Affpuddle Church

St. Laurence, Affpuddle, from the South, 2013.



Details of the bells are given by Raven (1903, p. 127), as corrected by Walters (1939, p. 114):

Four Bells. Tenor - Diam., 44in; height, 35in.

  1. T P   R S   C W   T P Anno Domini 1685
  2. Thomas Michel, George Neppred, C.W. Anno Domini
    W K B F 1755
  3. Prayse the Lord. J. W. 1598.
  4. Thomas Scut, John White, Churchwardens. W P   F F 1655.

This conflicts with RCHME (1970, p. 3) who say that the Treble is by Thomas Purdue, 1685, recast 1827; the 2nd by John Wallis of Salisbury, 1598; the 3rd by William Purdue, 1655, recast 1927; the Tenor by William Knight, 1722.


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